The Insider: Lucy Williams


This week's Insider is actually on one of my friends, Lucy Williams. If you have your eyes open during fashion week or venture onto street style websites ever, you'll have heard of or seen her; a tiny bohemian blond who would look good in pretty much anything and has many a fashion follower jotting down her outfit choices (shown on her blog Fashion Me Now) in a bid to capture her effortless style. 

Luce and I lived together at uni and have both been making our way through various jobs in the fashion world since then. Whilst i went to the Telegraph, Lucy became a fashion assistant at InStyle and then onwards from there. Now, as well as becoming a popular blogger, Lucy holds down a super-interesting job at Stylus, a trend forecasting website which is read by style-savvy companies, professionals and luxury brands - keeping them abreast of what's up and coming, what's going to be cool, new branding/marketing tools and new inspirations for the upcoming season etc etc.  

So, what does Lucy love about the fashion industry? Find out below.

Current title(s): Fashion and beauty Researcher at Stylus.com/ blogger at Fashion Me Now

First job:
Fashion Assistant at InStyle magazine

Your first fashion inspiration:
I think 90s girl band All Saints are to blame for several questionable choices in my youth, namely the blue camo cargo pants and white crop top combo I thought very cool. I was obsessed with Aussie high-school soap Heart Break High too and Anita was a real girl crush of mine for many years!

The moment you knew fashion was your future: There was never really a light bulb moment to be honest, it's just sort of crept up on me!  I'd always been into clothes but it was only when I hit my twenties that my interest in fashion peaked. I did English literature at university and have always had an unhealthy obsession with magazines so working in editorial quickly became my career goal.
Any moments of doubt: Definitely! It took me a while to find my own style and believe in my taste, two things I think you have to have working in the industry,
 but the more I do and the older I get, the more faith I have in my own opinions. There were a few moments after a long day on a celebrity shoot or when a designer look went AWOL on its journey back from a shoot in L.A that I wondered whether it was all worth it. But ultimately, I love being involved in fashion and feel very lucky getting to see collections first-hand and write about it all on a daily basis.

Career highlight (so far): Getting to travel for work is a real perk - it's great getting the chance to attend burgeoning fashion weeks like Stockholm and discover new designers and boutiques you wouldn't otherwise.

Survival tips: Keep things in perspective - fashion's a really important industry that I respect it, but I think it's good to take a step back from it all once in a while. 

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  1. Where is your leather jacket from Lucy? It's perfect!