LISS PICS: 19//06//13

 photo 857e1e39-1ced-46ae-8ad7-d63ac3eec735.jpg  photo IMG_5430.jpg  photo IMG_5512.jpg  photo 1450e705-a0eb-44fc-a15c-35c85c30f107.jpg  photo IMG_5513.jpg  photo IMG_5564.jpg  photo 801e1647-b161-4d3a-bdf7-130edeb9e5bf.jpg  photo ec54286a-b3d1-466e-b6aa-bccb69bfea5c.jpg  photo 83380f7c-b5d0-4793-aa3a-37eb519bc038.jpg  photo 60c9be7a-1fac-455c-a5cd-aa7068f61697.jpg  photo IMG_5606.jpg  photo 3ea55387-053f-4c61-b61c-3eea7d3a7422.jpg  photo 4e432b1f-389a-4c9c-b44c-d69bd3e06aa6.jpg  photo f5ad1fc6-27aa-4345-8235-b21a8282a04d.jpg  photo 9d1f24a0-7d8c-427c-9b42-45bcc64acf3c.jpg  photo 947ffb1a-907f-4e63-8903-5c7e80e83e59.jpg  photo 4d3066eb-4f16-4b08-88f8-10a6a0ef3583.jpg

 My iCloud is full, my computer hard-drive is full and my external hard-drive is about to explode, so i'm sort of running out of places to hide the millions of snaps i take on my trusty little iPhone (4 - not even 4S - 3 years old and surely with days only until she perishes under the load). 

So i thought where better than here, recently rather abandoned for the sunnier climes of Pinterest, to champion all those lost images that float around on our (my) phones. All those that aren't quite right for the carefully edited Instagram or that don't make the cut onto Facebook or whatever. Despite the fact that so few people actually use a camera anymore we have become such an image-gathering race and i hate to see loads of images that i've taken because i find their subject genuinely interesting, go unnoticed or unrecorded somewhere - to be deleted when i upgrade my phone. 

So here lies batch one of home, holidays and the funny little details of the big city that is London - the things i love the most, that inspire me and that keep me hanging out here. It sure as hell is not the weather.