photo 203ea11b-a8a2-4ea7-9905-30b4dec96706.jpg photo 16e1649b-f2fb-46ec-afa7-eae6c7d7b64f.jpg  photo cd81b2ab-95ce-4e46-9edc-aff146c329f4.jpg  photo d86f04f2-8a32-4b38-b8cc-d30a50f6534c.jpg  photo 7835fad3-eaae-4278-b1fa-e1d76e823bcd.jpg  photo 785125db-bd94-47d1-a5c7-5e990b8aa878.jpg  photo 16993470-2e44-45f2-9ec7-b786763ccac7.jpg  photo 81cfce1f-9e4f-4b83-ba04-a009e4200dfa.jpg  photo b6ac64c8-795e-44b5-a639-c43336f2f78d.jpg  photo 3ab18165-cf57-4244-8a95-d4a68711c6b0.jpg  photo e6e814f0-63f8-4470-bf8c-b1ce1d50ebce.jpg  photo e602b614-434f-4dd6-b66b-b4d17c590f26.jpg  photo ff347f97-b16f-45e8-8fa8-22f5d9df369b.jpg  photo c0443cad-de24-4e5b-9e27-a655b274db20.jpg  photo afb0486f-f935-455e-8e0a-56b3b7a999a1.jpg  photo 4e7b577b-3c79-49c3-8db6-5ff8b4773da9.jpg  photo e8dd684d-df1d-4f83-94d4-e9eefbc8e314.jpg  photo 09141ba1-a68b-4678-a05b-496729d2312f.jpg  photo a3a01a37-f9e3-468b-a8a7-4aa3643bcdd1.jpg  photo 402d7165-43b7-4aec-82fa-d85932a944f4.jpg

I got back from the paradisiacal sejourn of a lifetime in the Andaman Islands last Sunday, and because i'm such an emotional retard i haven't been able to bring myself to post any photos until now, because every time i go though them i get a bit of a lump of dread (a.k.a. realisation that it's already over) in my throat. Pathetic i know. 

I took about a billion photos, so i won't bore you with them all but here's a little selection which i'll add to at a later date.  

Without waffling on, suffice it to say i've been lucky enough to visit some of the most idyllic beaches in the world before, and the Andaman Islands are definitely the home of at least two of the best. I couldn't recommend these totally relaxed and unbelievably beautiful islands any more. 

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  1. Great photos. Wish it was a bit hotter here right now!