Miranda Kerr for Mango SS13

Miranda2OK Miranda3Ok

I'm trying to pinpoint when i became obsessed with the idea of owning a pair of trousers like this. Wide striped, black and white Beetlejuice-esque trousers. Not the most flattering, definitely not the most wearable, and probably quite questionable in general, they've nevertheless been on my wish list for a long time so when Mango announced, about an hour ago, that Miranda Kerr was the face of their SS13 collection with these stripy pants i got pretty excited.

They'll be released in January/February ish which gives me about two-three months to hone my body to Kerr-shaped proportions (because lets face it - thick vertical stripes are about as forgiving as a bikini after eating nine burgers) which seems easy enough with two months of Christmas partying, boozing and eating between now and then. No probs.

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