Sofa day - struck down by illness for probably the first time since i was about 12, am so not used to it. Silly body... Passing the time by raiding every post of every blog in existence (i'm talking wildfox's archives from 2008 here) and cracking out all my favourite Disney movies new and old (am a sucker for Enchanted). I think 3 million Facebook visitations and a continuous stream of Twitter should keep me feeling human.

In the mean time, i'll be fawning over this awesome tack-tastic Chanel bag. Am totally in love with all things 90s at the moment, cracked out my dungarees with a boob tube last week and am one step away from digging my Kangol flat cap out the fancy dress box.
Hello Samuel L. Jackson.

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  1. i do the same exact thing as you when i am sick! i actually get sick quite frequently, so i also stalk blogs and online shop! have fun watching movies and reading blog-hope you feel better soon!