Trainers have slowly but surely taken up residence as the sartorial markers for some of the funnest events in my life. Forgive me for the rather overly-grandiose references to a pair of sports shoes but it's actually true... Am just surveying my trainer-laden skirting boards and thinking how weird it is that i have worn each pair a thousand times but can only specifically link one event with them - blue suede vintage-style Nike blazers from the 76 Fern girls for my 23rd birthday, Natalie and Jo's 21st teepee party brought in with the silver silk, ribbon-laced high-tops with grosgrain ruffles up the back, pink converse for Bestival, 2nd year at uni is the hot lava nike air revolutions, finished off with rob gore's forest party (still the best party of my life to this day), my first ever pair of red low converse bought whilst at LCF getting worn in rowing around on the serpentine with anna and jo, calling liberty constantly for a solid hour before opening time to secure some green and orange limited edition Liberty print Nike's (a life-changing event in itself i may add)...

Continuing the trend - a big week for lissi, and so a new pair.

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