French Horn Rebellion


Spent the afternoon quiching with the Grand'rents today. Nailing cake and bucketloads of English Breakfast followed by the mandatory afternoon nap. Though i don't want to wish my years away, if that's what awaits me when i hit the 87 year old mark, it's basically happy days from here.

So, on what has turned out to be a day of great discoveries, as well as tasting the delights of OAP'dom, i have stumbled across the happiest of tunes by French Horn Rebellion vs Database. Had a great little bop in the car back home and have come straight to the laptop to listen again. So imagine my joy to discover The Twelves have remixed the tune, to make it even better. Reminds me of a tune my good friend Joey played me a long time ago which you can hear here...

But first 'Beaches and Friends'

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