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Who knew these skinny little underfed beauties could be so adorable? All the models at the chanel show yesterday gave me a serious toothache (à la Cher from Clueless) in their cute little creations, skipping around in the hay, holding hands, wearing clogs... Ok, the clogs can stay on the farm but the rest of it was so wholesome it actually hurt.

I know that what i'm about to say is near enough fashion sacrilege but Paris has seemed a little bit stuffy and, in places, quite boring this year. Yes, i would still sell a relative in order to get there, but nothing has completely bowled be over as yet. Call me over-patriotic but i honestly think the clothes at LFW have kicked everyone elses arses. Anyway, Chanel gave the Paris shows that ickle injection of fun that it so desperately needed, albeit on a ridiculously grand Parisien scale...

p.s. can we just take a moment for the GOLD iPhone Sasha is chatting away on in the 4th picture down.. break me off a piece of that.

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