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Just have to pass comment on some of the headwear going on at Paris Fashion Week already. There are some of the craziest creations going down the catwalk on those beautiful heads. I've always fancied myself as a bit of a hat person, but as many people who have seen my extensive (though largely ornamental and mostly unworn) hat collection will testify to, despite my best intentions and a vast expense, i rarely go beyond putting a kirby grip in my hair... Odd one that. Anyway, i'll continue to decieve myself and on that note must wax lyrical over the headgear donned at the Gareth Pugh and Lie Sang Bong shows yesterday. Seriously, beam me up and take me back to Bestival because these numbers make my feather headdress look like a nursery school arts and crafts piss-take. The metal cap is truly a result of some structural genius by Lie Sang Bong and Pugh's feathered pieces are so beautifully eerie, they really made the show the creepy Beetlejuicey rag-fest that they were. And for the little hat-scared ferret inside me, i've slipped in a cute studded headband that all the models wore at the Limi Feu show - one step at a time...

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