Andy MacGregor

(illustrations by andy macgregor)

Have you ever wondered who did this...?

I've been meaning to post about this guy since i began Lissi Loves and am finally getting around to it now which is pretty pathetic but anyhoo... The man of the moment (or rather the man of MY moment) is a Mr Andy MacGregor, prop stylist and creator to some of the most influential publications, photographers and galleries in the world. This painfully talented guy makes loads of the props for legendary photographer and personal hero Tim Walker, as well as huge advertising campaigns like the one above for The Guardian.

But for some reason, whilst surfing his website it was his illustrations that caught my eye the most. Everything seems a little looser, a little more hectic and less perfected than his prop styling pieces. Just love the animal depictions, and adore the kind of mad, Noah's Ark on skates vibe in the fifth picture down... Check out the rest of his work here.

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