What is reality anyway?

Californian actress and writer Krystal Simpson is a star of American TV show 'I'm from Rolling Stone' which follows around a group of fictional writers for the US magazine (another bit of american teen drama probably destined to come and pollute our airways and suck me in to the point of no return despite all my best intentions). Her personal profile sounds fairly contrived and reads something like an instruction booklet on 'How to be Penny Lane' (favourite band - Led Zeppelin, favourite film - Almost Famous... is it really?) BUT after reading her blog i can't help but like her... I'm not sure if it's the amazing photos, the masses of thick honey-coloured hair or the total immersion into her 60's rock-chick persona but i think i'm sold... Any girl who considers a floral wreath in her hair to be a wardrobe staple gets a double thumbs up from me.

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