The Round-up

Too too much to report from London Fashion Week, so going to try and narrow it down to some of my favourites... and add it it installments if possible. But it's going to be difficult, i'm in an indecisive mood today...

(images from style.com)

I have to admit i was so disappointed when i first saw the Wang collection. I'm usually a massive fan of his but i think huge expectation meant he was almost doomed to fail in my eyes... Or so I thought. On second looks i've actually realised there is so much i love about the collection. He's stuck to his sporty, relaxed ethos to create a kind of emalgamation of boy/girl american footballer/ballet chic. I know that doesn't make a huge amount of sense but check out the open toe leg-warmers contrasted with the explosive shoulders, the panelled briefs, the sheer fabrics layered over and under the angellicly fluffy cropped jumpers... The silhouette of the last couple of looks is actually (dare i say it) kind of Sienna'ish, circa the 'that time she wore just pants' era... And I love the chilled 'hockey pitch' hair.

1 big fan right here.

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