Fifi Lapin

IF ( and that is a BIG 'if') i was the sort of person that said 'OMG' then i would be saying it right now. OMG. Was i the last person or am i the first person to find Fifi Lapin, a.k.a. 'the most stylish bunny in the world' as labelled by Elle magazine? It's all just too cute, am actually wide eyed in delight at my computer right now over this ickle fashion rabbit who is not only an adorable cartoon BUT gives trend break downs, has appeared in Vogue and Elle, and is clearly the creation of an awesome little animator...
I'm not sure if i'm getting far too excited about this little discovery but if i am i'll just put it away in my little box of weirdnesses, right next to the japanese Qee toys and the rabbit my granny knitted me that still sleeps in my bed.

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