Lissi loves New York

Just got back from New York yesterday.
The best last minute decision i've ever made.

Have you ever been somewhere that makes you feel so tiny? Like a human speck of dust on the sole of the monstrous shoe that is the Manhattan skyline. For the first time in my life the majesty of technology seemed to eclipse the beauty of nature. I felt dwarfed by mechanical giants.

My wingman Harriet and I stayed in the East Village with an old friend Alice who has bravely made the transatlantic move in order to bequeath her knitwear design skills on the amazing New York label 'Rag and Bone' (from where i bought the most incredible trousers
- with staff discount - which i will put up later), so much thanks to Al, for showing us New York, New Yorker style.

Too many amazing things to mention in that city so i will list just
a few: the gold skulls covering the walls of the Damien Hirst designed Gold Bar, the British country drawing room that is the club Jane, complete with log fire, leather sofas and taxidermied goats, Club Habana, the best frozen marqueritas, the most beautiful barman and the greatest atmosphere, mosying around Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon, the visual insanity of Yaffa Cafe, shopping on Ludlow street, where landfill sites full of dollars could easily have been spent, and the secret and amazing La Esquina Mexican restaurant in Soho...

(images by lissi waite)

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